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Keep It 100 Girl!

Nov 30, 2016

We all have dragged that giant Uhaul baggage into new dating situations, sometimes consciously, sometimes not. It’s a quick fix to getting over someone or filling a void that you have secretly longed for.

We think new relationships count as places to heal from old ones. If you are not completely over someone, then...

Nov 25, 2016

You took a risk. You brought your under six months boo or significant other of some kind to the Thanksgiving table. Either things went really well, maybe there was drama,  you are officially no longer together, or your are stronger than ever
This brings up the discussion of the 6 month temperature check. What is...

Nov 22, 2016

Today, kicks off the Single-dumb series. Single and dumb combined into singledumb. The single is self explanatory. We don’t have a man or a woman. The dumbness is the foolery and fuckery singles put up with, participate in, while we seek a long-term committed relationship.

The holiday season brings out all the...

Nov 17, 2016

Nina's keep it 100 opinion on long distance relationships is they are a total time waster. This endorphin-like swirl of estrogen and testosterone fizzle out over time and never work. If you don't put in the work, it dies on a vine.  

We’re talking about long distance relationship cuffs. This is where you clock an...

Nov 15, 2016

Today’s episode has to do with women not asking the right questions while we’re in a relationship. I am going to shade you women on not asking the right questions in relationships, dating, or marriage. These are the headscratching questions to determine what we want, but we’re dickmotized. 
These women...