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Keep It 100 Girl!

Feb 28, 2018

Not only is the Black Panther symbol revolutionary, but so is black entrepreneurship. Why wait for a gem like the Black Panther movie to celebrate our culture every day?

We are on a melanistic journey this black history month. Not only does black empowerment start with ownership it means supporting our own and investing...

Feb 25, 2018

Never used a tampon? Everybody gets creeped out having to start using a tampon for the first time. If we start sticking things in our vadge, we gotta know some tampon tricks by now. 

We all have one to several personal real life bathroom episodes with how tampons work or sort of how, kinda, but not really.Until we...

Feb 23, 2018

In today’s episode, I wanted to keep the momentum on the #MeToo movement.  We’ve seen a rising surge of women coming forward to tell their very personal real life experience. 
Every woman has a story to tell about why she stayed or how they ended up in the situation. Women have felt vulnerable in...

Feb 16, 2018

It’s time to do something different in 2018. Firsthand experiences that are more than a vacation. So you’re probably thinking what does travel and Keep it 100 have to do with each other. Well, remember I celebrate embarrassment.
Believe it or not, there are many people out there who have never left the US or own a...

Feb 14, 2018

If you’re new or part of the one hundred tribe, I am Nina Babel the host of the Keep it 100 Girl Podcast. On my podcast, I celebrate embarrassment in a good way. 
Ladies don't want the same old thing on V-Day. Yes, creativity goes a long way. So, guys you’re probably wondering what is the first thing when you...